Andoks Menu Prices in Philippines

Andoks Philippines Menu Price

Andoks has menu items in Popular, Afforda Meals, Merienda, Softdrinks, Juice, M2 Tea, M2 Tea and Extras in Philippines.

Andok’s, a well-known food chain in the Philippines, offers an extensive menu centered on their scrumptious roasted and fried chicken, deemed as one of the country’s best. Their signature Litson Manok, a whole roasted chicken, is touted for its flavorful marinade and tender meat.

Aside from the famous Litson Manok, the menu also includes other poultry dishes like the crispy, perfectly seasoned Dokito Frito or fried chicken. Another notable product is their Lechon Liempo, deliciously marinated and roasted pork belly, which is a favorite among Filipinos.

Expanding beyond chicken and pork, Andok’s also serves a variety of Filipino classic dishes like the Bicol Express, a spicy coconut milk-based pork dish and Pork Sinigang, a sour soup. Also available is their famous Litson Bangus, a whole grilled milkfish stuffed with spices.

To complete the meal, appetizing side dishes like Pancit Canton are available. Their menu provides a variety of refreshing drinks and desserts too. Andok’s menu is a testament to the traditional Filipino flavor that stems from their efforts to perfect the marinating and roasting process.

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Popular Menu

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Andoks menu prices near me?
Andoks has menu item prices between ₱9 and ₱528. Menu items range from lowest priced item Spicy Litson Sauce to highest priced item Dokito Box.
The price range of the menu of Andoks at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱9 - ₱528
What is Andoks Philippines Website Link?
Andoks Philippines official website is