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Gloria Maris Philippines Menu Price

Gloria Maris has menu items in Roasting, Soup, Vegetable, Shrimps & Prawns, Fish, Other Seafoods, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Chef's Recommendation, Rice Topping, Noodle Soup, Crispy Noodles, Dry Noodles, Hofan, Fried Rice, Dimsum, Dimsum and Drinks in Philippines.

Gloria Maris sets the standard for Chinese fine dining in the Philippines, where intricate flavors of the East are celebrated in an ambiance of sophisticated elegance. With a special focus on Cantonese cuisine, this renowned restaurant chain has been captivating gourmands with its extensive array of authentic dishes and impeccable service that's steeped in tradition.

Upon entering Gloria Maris, guests are whisked away to a world of refined taste, as the interior boasts opulent décor and formal table settings that exude luxury. The restaurant often features ornate Chinese accents and large, round tables perfect for communal dining—a nod to Chinese cultural values of family and sharing.

The menu at Gloria Maris offers a gastronomic journey through the best of Cantonese cooking, headlined by their delectable dim sum selection. Exquisite parcels like siomai, har gow, and char siu bao are steamed to perfection, allowing the delicate flavors within to shine. For dim sum lovers, the experience is both authentic and delightful, with each bite evoking the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

Seafood takes a prominent spot on the menu, with live tanks displaying fresh offerings that can be prepared in various styles. Signature dishes include their succulent Peking Duck, served traditionally with thin pancakes and hoisin sauce, and the luxurious Braised Abalone with Premium Oyster Sauce, showcasing the quality ingredients at their disposal.

The Gloria Maris experience extends to a selection of beautifully crafted desserts such as the creamy Mango Sago and the refreshing Almond Jelly with Lychee, providing a sweet finish to a sumptuous meal. Immerse in the opulence and grandeur of traditional Cantonese cuisine at Gloria Maris, where every visit is an affair to remember.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Gloria Maris menu prices near me?
Gloria Maris has menu item prices between ₱60 and ₱2145. Menu items range from lowest priced item Bottled Water to highest priced item Roasting Combination (Large).
The price range of the menu of Gloria Maris at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱60 - ₱2145
What is Gloria Maris Philippines Website Link?
Gloria Maris Philippines official website is