Binalot Menu Prices in Philippines

Binalot Philippines Menu Price

Binalot has menu items in All Time Pinoy-vorites, New Meals, Pantabi, Merryenda, Merryenda and Inumins in Philippines.

Binalot, a charming Filipino fast-food chain, is celebrated for its menu that embraces traditional Filipino dining culture. The name "Binalot" translates to "wrapped", capturing the essence of the eatery's unique serving style where meals are elegantly enveloped in vibrant banana leaves.

The core of Binalot’s menu is composed of hearty, satisfying Filipino dishes. The pride of the menu includes traditional delicacies featuring succulent meats like pork, chicken, and fish, served along with fragrant, steaming rice, and a side of salted egg or pickled green papaya, known locally as 'Atsara'.

Recognizing the beauty of diversity, Binalot ensures its menu caters to all types of food preferences with a variety of vegetable dishes and tofu alternatives. There are dishes like "Ensaladang Talong", a Filipino-style eggplant salad to provide a refreshing contrast to the hearty main courses.

Binalot also serves a lineup of Filipino street food as snacks, such as 'daing na bangus' (fried milkfish) or 'longganisa' (Filipino sweet sausage). From the décor to the menu, dining at Binalot engages customers with an authentic Filipino cultural experience, making it more than just a meal.

Binalot All Time Pinoy-vorites Menu

All Time Pinoy-vorites Menu

Binalot New Meals Menu

New Meals Menu

Binalot Pantabi Menu

Pantabi Menu

Binalot Merryenda Menu

Merryenda Menu

Binalot Inumins Menu

Inumins Menu

Frequently asked questions

What are the Binalot menu prices near me?
Binalot has menu item prices between ₱16 and ₱221. Menu items range from lowest priced item Whole Tomato to highest priced item Anytime Inihaw na Baboy.
The price range of the menu of Binalot at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱16 - ₱221
What is Binalot Philippines Website Link?
Binalot Philippines official website is