Cilantro Menu Prices in Philippines

Cilantro Philippines Menu Price

Cilantro has menu items in Breakfast, Soup, Salad, Appetizer, All time favorites, Regional Delicacies, International entrees, Pasta & Noodles, Sandwiches & Wraps, Dessert, Softdrink, Water, Iced tea & juices, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate & milk, Fresh fruit juice, Fresh fruit shake, Fresh fruit shake and Milk shake in Philippines.

The new Cilantro menu is a combination of Asian and Filipino flavors, sure to tantalize the taste buds of foodies. Customers can expect a wide selection of dishes featuring cilantro as an integral ingredient. Specialty dishes include cilantro tempura, cilantro chicken kare-kare and cilantro lechon kawali. All the dishes have been carefully crafted with the freshest ingredients from local suppliers around Manila.

The restaurant's unique concept allows guests to get creative with their orders by customizing meals according to their personal tastes and preferences. With options for customization like additional sauces, herbs and spices available upon request, guests are in for a truly personalized culinary experience at Manila Lotus Hotel Ermita’s Cilantro Menu.

Cilantro Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Cilantro Soup Menu

Soup Menu

Cilantro Salad Menu

Salad Menu

Cilantro Appetizer Menu

Appetizer Menu

Cilantro All time favorites Menu

All time favorites Menu

Cilantro Regional Delicacies Menu

Regional Delicacies Menu

Cilantro International entrees Menu

International entrees Menu

Cilantro Pasta & Noodles Menu

Pasta & Noodles Menu

Cilantro Sandwiches & Wraps Menu

Sandwiches & Wraps Menu

Cilantro Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu

Cilantro Softdrink Menu

Softdrink Menu

Cilantro Water Menu

Water Menu

Cilantro Iced tea & juices Menu

Iced tea & juices Menu

Cilantro Coffee Menu

Coffee Menu

Cilantro Tea Menu

Tea Menu

Cilantro Chocolate & milk Menu

Chocolate & milk Menu

Cilantro Fresh fruit juice Menu

Fresh fruit juice Menu

Cilantro Fresh fruit shake Menu

Fresh fruit shake Menu

Cilantro Milk shake Menu

Milk shake Menu

Frequently asked questions

What are the Cilantro menu prices near me?
Cilantro has menu item prices between ₱60 and ₱795. Menu items range from lowest priced item Chilled Orange Juice to highest priced item Pata Bawang.
The price range of the menu of Cilantro at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱60 - ₱795
What is Cilantro Philippines Website Link?
Cilantro Philippines official website is