Classic Savory Menu Prices in Philippines

Classic Savory Philippines Menu Price

Classic Savory has menu items in Black Pot Series, Black Pot Incredi-Bowls, Classic Coolers, Chicken, Soups, Vegetables, Beef, Pork, Seafood, Rice and Noodles, Drinks, Drinks and Desserts in Philippines.

Classic Savory, a name that has become synonymous with comfort food in the Philippines, has been enticing food lovers with its distinct blend of Chinese and Filipino flavors. This time-honored restaurant has established itself as a staple for family dining, thanks to its signature dishes that evoke a sense of home-cooked goodness.

The moment you step into Classic Savory, you're enveloped in a warm, familiar atmosphere that harkens back to simpler times. The interiors are modest yet inviting, with subtle Asian accents that reflect the heritage of the brand. This laid-back environment makes it ideal for casual family meals, group celebrations, or even a quiet dinner for two.

At the heart of Classic Savory's menu is the legendary Savory Chicken – a recipe that has been perfected over generations. This iconic dish features tender, juicy chicken with a golden-brown, savory skin that has captivated diners for decades. It's traditionally served with a side of flavorful gravy that complements the chicken's rich taste.

Beyond their famous poultry, Classic Savory's extensive menu also features an assortment of Chinese-Filipino favorites. Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Canton, and a variety of rice meals offer guests a mouthwatering array of choices. Each dish is crafted with care, ensuring the homestyle cooking that Classic Savory is cherished for.

Complementing the savory dishes are Classic Savory's delightful selection of desserts and beverages. Whether you're ending your meal with the sweet-tartness of the Mango Sago or sipping on the refreshingly cool Pandan Iced Tea, there's a perfect finale awaiting every guest at this beloved restaurant. With its welcoming charm and a menu packed with timeless classics, Classic Savory continues to be a favored destination for authentic and satisfying meals in the Philippines.

Classic Savory Black Pot Series Menu

Black Pot Series Menu

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Classic Savory menu prices near me?
Classic Savory has menu item prices between ₱49 and ₱655. Menu items range from lowest priced item Plain Rice to highest priced item Whole Classic Chicken.
The price range of the menu of Classic Savory at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱49 - ₱655
What is Classic Savory Philippines Website Link?
Classic Savory Philippines official website is