Coco Milk Tea Menu Prices in Philippines

Coco Milk Tea Philippines Menu Price

Coco Milk Tea has menu items in Fresh Mango, Milk Tea, Fresh Tea, Fruit Tea, Cream & Latte, Chocolate, Chocolate and Slush in Philippines.

Experience a burst of freshness with the spectacular varieties CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Restaurant offers only in the Philippines. Dive into the tropical paradise with terrific flavors like Fresh Mango, Mango Green Tea, Mango Slush, or dreamy Mango Dream. Alternatively, our Milk Tea selection is the crowd’s favorite featuring the Panda Milk Tea, bustling with pearls and jelly, and the aromatic Jasmine Milk Tea.

They long for brewing times that perfect the taste, like with the rich, full-bodied Ceylon Black Tea. Fruit lovers, you’re certainly not left out! Our refreshing Lemon Black Tea or Passion Fruit Green Tea would surely win your hearts.

Craving for a fusion of creamy goodness? Check out Cream & Latte line, featuring the Salty Cream Milk Tea, or perhaps the intriguing Matcha Tea Latte. Then, the Chocolate category blends sweetness with texture, visible in everyone's preferred Chocolate with Pudding & Pearl.

And for times when you need a cool escape, our Slush options like the tangy Passion Fruit Slush or Lemon Yakult Slush would perfectly do the trick. With CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, you’ll taste the bliss of tea freshness swirled with exciting twists.

Coco Milk Tea Fresh Mango Menu

Fresh Mango Menu

Coco Milk Tea Milk Tea Menu

Milk Tea Menu

Coco Milk Tea Fresh Tea Menu

Fresh Tea Menu

Coco Milk Tea Fruit Tea Menu

Fruit Tea Menu

Coco Milk Tea Cream & Latte Menu

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Coco Milk Tea menu prices near me?
Coco Milk Tea has menu item prices between ₱60 and ₱160. Menu items range from lowest priced item Ceylon Black Tea to highest priced item Mango Grapefruit.
The price range of the menu of Coco Milk Tea at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱60 - ₱160
What is Coco Milk Tea Philippines Website Link?
Coco Milk Tea Philippines official website is