Goldilocks Cakes Menu Prices in Philippines

Goldilocks Cakes Philippines Menu Price

Goldilocks Cakes has menu items in Greeting Cakes, Premium Cakes, Cake Rolls, Snacks, Pasalubong, Bitbit, Celebration Trays, Combo Deals, All-Day Merienda, Pinoy Deli Ready-to-Eat, Sarap Pinoy Rice Meals, Signature Dishes, Beverages, Beverages and Desserts in Philippines.

Renowned in the Philippines, Goldilocks Cakes Restaurant is a haven for dessert enthusiasts and those with a profound love for flavorful delicacies. Their Greeting Cakes are well-loved, beautifully decorated masterpieces that enhance every celebration.

For a more unique experience, you can indulge in their Premium Cakes, offering a variety of gourmet flavors in every bite. Beyond cakes, Goldilocks offers a medley of Snacks and Pasalubong items, perfect for satisfying a craving or sharing with friends and family. The Bitbit, Celebration Trays, and Combo Deals provide even more diverse options for meals or quick bites.

Moreover, the restaurant caters to traditional Filipino tastes with ready-to-eat delights from their Pinoy Deli and Sarap Pinoy Rice Meals. Their Signature Dishes encapsulate the essence of quality and unique flavors Goldilocks is known for.

Their assortment of Beverages and Desserts round off the menu, adding the perfect finishing touch to any meal. Goldilocks Cakes Restaurant is truly a testament to the rich and vibrant culinary culture of the Philippines.

Goldilocks Cakes Greeting Cakes Menu

Greeting Cakes Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Premium Cakes Menu

Premium Cakes Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Cake Rolls Menu

Cake Rolls Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Snacks Menu

Snacks Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Pasalubong Menu

Pasalubong Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Bitbit Menu

Bitbit Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Celebration Trays Menu

Celebration Trays Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Combo Deals Menu

Combo Deals Menu

Goldilocks Cakes All-Day Merienda Menu

All-Day Merienda Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Pinoy Deli Ready-to-Eat Menu

Pinoy Deli Ready-to-Eat Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Sarap Pinoy Rice Meals Menu

Sarap Pinoy Rice Meals Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Signature Dishes Menu

Signature Dishes Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Beverages Menu

Beverages Menu

Goldilocks Cakes Desserts Menu

Desserts Menu

Frequently asked questions

What are the Goldilocks Cakes menu prices near me?
Goldilocks Cakes has menu item prices between ₱11 and ₱1375. Menu items range from lowest priced item Add On-1 Piece Puto to highest priced item Beef Caldereta Group Meal.
The price range of the menu of Goldilocks Cakes at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱11 - ₱1375
What is Goldilocks Cakes Philippines Website Link?
Goldilocks Cakes Philippines official website is