Gyu Kaku Menu Prices in Philippines

Gyu Kaku Philippines Menu Price

Gyu Kaku has menu items in Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Vegetables, Warai Set, Fuku Set, Wagyu Beef, Selected Beef by Gyu-Kaku, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Seafood, Rice, Noodles, Noodles and Desserts in Philippines.

Gyu Kaku Philippines is a popular Japanese BBQ restaurant chain that has recently opened its first location in the Philippines. The restaurant, known for its top-of-the-line grilling equipment and wide selection of premium meats, is quickly becoming a favorite eatery among Filipino foodies.

The menu at Gyu Kaku starts off with appetizers such as Takoyaki Octopus Balls and Edamame Soy Beans. For entrees, guests can choose from delicious combinations of their favorite meats like the Wagyu Beef Sampler or the Pork Belly & Sausage Platter. Additionally, there are plenty of classic sides available including Garlic Rice and Udon Noodles with Vegetables.

At Gyu Kaku, customers can choose from an array of grilled dishes including Wagyu beef, pork belly slices and more. All dishes are cooked over charcoal to ensure a smoky flavor. Additionally, the restaurant also offers sides such as seasoned kimchi, salads and other traditional Japanese favorites. Guests can also enjoy a selection of beer and sake to make their dining experience even more complete.

With a unique dining experience and high-quality food, Gyu Kaku is a must for any adventurous eater. From the moment you step inside a Gyu Kaku location, you'll be treated to an authentic Japanese atmosphere that immediately transports you to Japan. This makes it perfect for special occasions or just an ordinary dinner night with friends and family alike.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Gyu Kaku menu prices near me?
Gyu Kaku has menu item prices between ₱60 and ₱6295. Menu items range from lowest priced item Steam Rice to highest priced item Fuku Set 7-8 person.
The price range of the menu of Gyu Kaku at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱60 - ₱6295
What is Gyu Kaku Philippines Website Link?
Gyu Kaku Philippines official website is