Happy Cup Menu Prices in Philippines

Happy Cup Philippines Menu Price

Happy Cup has menu items in Frappes, Milk Tea, Premium Milk Tea, Smoothies, Brown Sugar Series, Premium Fruit Blend, Iced Coffee, Iced Coffee and Latte in Philippines.

Happy Cup is a favorite go-to beverage shop in the Philippines, known for its wide array of refreshing and flavor-filled drinks. Their menu plays host to an abundance of choices to satiate everyone's thirst, from vibrantly colored fruit teas to indulgent chocolate beverages and delightful milk teas.

Their signature offering is the premium milk tea which comes in various flavors such as Okinawa, Wintermelon, and Matcha. These creamy, slightly sweet drinks are balanced by the deep, earthy flavor of brewed tea, and are complemented by chewy tapioca pearls or flavorful pudding for added texture and taste.

Meanwhile, their fruit teas are a vibrant mix of tangy and sweet flavors, using freshly brewed tea as the base and infused with the natural sweetness of fruits like passionfruit, lychee, and lemon. To beat the tropical heat, the frappes are a must-try, available in flavors like Matcha, Cookies and Cream, and Java Chip.

For a caffeine kick, Happy Cup serves up a modest selection of artisan coffees. Each drink served at Happy Cup is a concoction of satisfying flavors, offering a delightful experience with every sip, spreading happiness one cup at a time.

Happy Cup Frappes Menu

Frappes Menu

Happy Cup Milk Tea Menu

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Premium Milk Tea Menu

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Happy Cup menu prices near me?
Happy Cup has menu item prices between ₱95 and ₱130. Menu items range from lowest priced item Black Forest Frappe to highest priced item Matcha Pudding with RSC.
The price range of the menu of Happy Cup at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱95 - ₱130
What is Happy Cup Philippines Website Link?
Happy Cup Philippines official website is https://www.foodpanda.ph/restaurant/km80/happy-cup-gaisano