Milksha Menu Prices in Philippines

Milksha Philippines Menu Price

Milksha has menu items in Good for Sharing, Chao Fan, Chinese Rice Meals, Lauriat, Noodles, Dimsum, Breakfast, Side Dishes, Side Dishes and Desserts & Drinks in Philippines.

Milksha, a popular Taiwanese bubble tea franchise, is now the newest addition to the Philippine food scene. Founded in Taiwan in 2014, this chain has established itself as one of the most popular bubble tea brands all around Asia. Now, Milksha is set to bring its signature flavors and drinks to Filipino customers across the country, making it one of the most sought-after beverage options for locals.

Milksha offers a wide range of drinks from classic milk teas to creative new creations such as Okinawa Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Boba with Cheese Cream. For those looking for something more unique, Milksha also prides itself on offering a variety of special seasonal beverages like their Honeydew Mango Green Tea or Peach Oolong Macchiato that are sure to tantalize taste buds all year long. From classic options such as almond milk tea to matcha red bean frappes and salted cream latte, there’s something for everyone on the menu at Milksha.

The menu offers something for everyone, with a variety of hot and cold drinks available to choose from. Customers can also select food options like waffles or snacks such as french fries and popcorn chicken. All recipes are crafted by experienced baristas using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. With its unique selection of food and drink offerings, Milksha has become an instant hit with its loyal customer base in the Philippines.

Milksha Good for Sharing Menu

Good for Sharing Menu

Milksha Chao Fan Menu

Chao Fan Menu

Milksha Chinese Rice Meals Menu

Chinese Rice Meals Menu

Milksha Lauriat Menu

Lauriat Menu

Milksha Noodles Menu

Noodles Menu

Milksha Dimsum Menu

Dimsum Menu

Milksha Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Milksha Side Dishes Menu

Side Dishes Menu

Milksha Desserts & Drinks Menu

Desserts & Drinks Menu

Frequently asked questions

What are the Milksha menu prices near me?
Milksha has menu item prices between ₱16 and ₱890. Menu items range from lowest priced item Signature Sauce to highest priced item Family Lauriat Set B (Good for 4).
The price range of the menu of Milksha at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱16 - ₱890
What is Milksha Philippines Website Link?
Milksha Philippines official website is