Tapa King Menu Prices in Philippines

Tapa King Philippines Menu Price

Tapa King has menu items in Good Morning Plates, Homestyle Classics Soups & Stew, Homestyle Classics Vegetables, Royal Meals, Party Packs, Break Bites, Desserts, Extras, Extras and Beverages in Philippines.

Tapa King, a well-known Filipino food chain, offers a menu that specializes in Tapa - Philippines' version of cured meat. Their flagship dish, Tapa King, is a succulent beef tapa served with garlic rice and egg that appeals to the local palate.

The menu extends to include Tapa Queen, a spicy beef tapa, and Tapa Prince, a sweet beef tapa. They also offer variations like Angus Tapa and Salpicao. Additionally, their menu features other Filipino favorites like Longganisa, Adobo, and Liempo.

Seafood lovers aren't left behind with Bangus and Bangus Sisig options. Breakfast staples, such as pancakes and omelettes, are also available. The chain also serves delightful sides, including fresh Lumpia and ensaladas.

Tapa King also offers a variety of combo meals known as 'Sulit Bowls' for a complete dining experience. Plus, sweet Filipino dessert delicacies like Leche Flan and Buko Pandan are available.

Lastly, traditional beverages from sodas to local iced teas complement the meals served. Tapa King's menu offers heartwarming, traditional Filipino comfort food that resonates well with their loyal customers.

Tapa King Good Morning Plates Menu

Good Morning Plates Menu

Tapa King Homestyle Classics Soups & Stew Menu

Homestyle Classics Soups & Stew Menu

Tapa King Homestyle Classics Vegetables Menu

Homestyle Classics Vegetables Menu

Tapa King Royal Meals Menu

Royal Meals Menu

Tapa King Party Packs Menu

Party Packs Menu

Tapa King Break Bites Menu

Break Bites Menu

Tapa King Desserts Menu

Desserts Menu

Tapa King Extras Menu

Extras Menu

Tapa King Beverages Menu

Beverages Menu

Frequently asked questions

What are the Tapa King menu prices near me?
Tapa King has menu item prices between ₱10 and ₱345. Menu items range from lowest priced item Extra Cutlery Set to highest priced item Party Pack Tapacanton.
The price range of the menu of Tapa King at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱10 - ₱345
What is Tapa King Philippines Website Link?
Tapa King Philippines official website is https://www.tapaking.com.ph/