Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices in Philippines

Tokyo Tokyo Philippines Menu Price

Tokyo Tokyo has menu items in Bento Meals, Bento Ala Carte, Donburi, Rice Meals, Donburi, Rice Meals Ala Carte, Group Meals, Platters for Sharing, Snacks, Bestseller Trays, Bestseller Trays and Drinks in Philippines.

Tokyo Tokyo stands as a beloved fixture in the Philippine fast-food scene, bringing a taste of Japan to the local palate since its inception. Renowned for offering a unique and affordable Japanese dining experience, Tokyo Tokyo has carved out a special place in the hearts of countless Filipinos fascinated by Japanese cuisine. With its distinct red and black theme echoing the colors of Japan's national flag, the restaurant's ambiance invites diners into a world where traditional flavors meet fast-food convenience.

The menu at Tokyo Tokyo is a delightful showcase of Japanese favorites, adapted to suit the Filipino taste while preserving the essence of Japanese culinary traditions. Among the vast array of offerings, the Bento Meals stand out as a crowd favorite. These meals combine a main dish, such as the flavorful Beef Misono or the crisp and tender Tempura, with rice and vegetable sides in a complete, satisfying package. Another beloved staple is the Sumo Meal, designed for sharing and perfect for couples or friends looking to enjoy a variety of flavors together.

Tokyo Tokyo's commitment to innovation is evident in its seasonal and special menu items that keep customers eagerly anticipating what's new. From limited-time ramen flavors to innovative sushi rolls, the restaurant continues to excite the taste buds of its patrons.

Moreover, Tokyo Tokyo extends its reach through branches strategically located in malls, commercial centers, and transport hubs across the Philippines, making it a convenient option for quick meals, takeout, or celebrations. The experience is enhanced by the warm and efficient service, ensuring a pleasant dining experience every time.

For anyone craving Japanese cuisine with a local twist, Tokyo Tokyo offers a taste of Japan at an excellent value, making it a must-visit destination in the Philippine fast-food landscape. Its success over the years speaks volumes about the Filipinos' enduring love and appreciation for Japanese food, served Tokyo Tokyo style.

Tokyo Tokyo Bento Meals Menu

Bento Meals Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Bento Ala Carte Menu

Bento Ala Carte Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Donburi, Rice Meals Menu

Donburi, Rice Meals Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Donburi, Rice Meals Ala Carte Menu

Donburi, Rice Meals Ala Carte Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Group Meals Menu

Group Meals Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Platters for Sharing Menu

Platters for Sharing Menu

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Snacks Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Bestseller Trays Menu

Bestseller Trays Menu

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Tokyo Tokyo menu prices near me?
Tokyo Tokyo has menu item prices between ₱75 and ₱1800. Menu items range from lowest priced item Red Iced Tea to highest priced item Mixed Beef Misono and Chicken Teriyaki Tray.
The price range of the menu of Tokyo Tokyo at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱75 - ₱1800
What is Tokyo Tokyo Philippines Website Link?
Tokyo Tokyo Philippines official website is