Txanton Menu Prices in Philippines

Txanton Philippines Menu Price

Txanton has menu items in Raciones De Conservas Premium, Raciones De Embutidos Selectos, Aperitivillos Appetizers, Entrantes Fríos, Ensaladas Salads, Apologia De La Anchoa, Cuchara Caliente, Raciones, Pescado Y Marisco, Carnes Meats, Bocadillos Calentitos Hot Sandwiches , Pan Y Aceites, Postres Desserts, Postres Desserts and Bocadillos Frios in Philippines.

The Philippines is a country that has an incredibly diverse culinary landscape. From street food to fine dining, the Philippines offers a variety of flavors and textures for visitors to explore. One of the best ways to experience this culinary diversity is through Txanton, a traditional Filipino restaurant.

Txanton serves up flavorful dishes inspired by regional cuisine from all parts of the Philippines. From Ilocos Norte's famous Bagnet and Batac Empanada, to the classic Bicol Express from the southernmost region of the island nation, there is something for everyone on their menu. The restaurant also features unique takes on classic Filipino staples such as crispy lechon kawali (deep-fried pork belly) with spicy atchara (pickled papaya salad), and an array of stews like paksiw na bangus (milkfish in vinegar broth).

The service at Txanton is fast and efficient with attentive waiters who always make sure you have everything you need. You can be sure that all the ingredients used are always fresh and of high quality so you get an amazing experience every time you visit. The prices are also very reasonable making it a great choice for large groups or small families looking for a hearty meal without breaking their budget.

Txanton Raciones De Conservas Premium Menu

Raciones De Conservas Premium Menu

Txanton Raciones De Embutidos Selectos Menu

Raciones De Embutidos Selectos Menu

Txanton Aperitivillos Appetizers Menu

Aperitivillos Appetizers Menu

Txanton Entrantes Fríos Menu

Entrantes Fríos Menu

Txanton Ensaladas Salads Menu

Ensaladas Salads Menu

Txanton Apologia De La Anchoa Menu

Apologia De La Anchoa Menu

Txanton Cuchara Caliente Menu

Cuchara Caliente Menu

Txanton Raciones Menu

Raciones Menu

Txanton Pescado Y Marisco Menu

Pescado Y Marisco Menu

Txanton Carnes Meats Menu

Carnes Meats Menu

Txanton Bocadillos Calentitos Hot Sandwiches Menu

Bocadillos Calentitos Hot Sandwiches Menu

Txanton Pan Y Aceites Menu

Pan Y Aceites Menu

Txanton Postres Desserts Menu

Postres Desserts Menu

Txanton Bocadillos Frios Menu

Bocadillos Frios Menu

Frequently asked questions

What are the Txanton menu prices near me?
Txanton has menu item prices between ₱145 and ₱10795. Menu items range from lowest priced item Chili Relleno to highest priced item Cordero Lechal Asado.
The price range of the menu of Txanton at the store generally varies between:
  • ₱145 - ₱10795
What is Txanton Philippines Website Link?
Txanton Philippines official website is https://www.txanton.com.ph/